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Documents Required for Registration:
  • Alternative Education Referral
  • Transcript from previous school(s)
  • Withdrawal form from last school attended Work in Progress grades/credits as of drop date
  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization record
  • Proof of residence within the district*
* Residence Documents Required for Enrollment for all K-12 Students
Current proof of residence within the district (Note: must be a street address; P.O. Box is not acceptable) consisting of any ONE of the following with the present address and the name of the parent or legal guardian listed:

  • Property tax payment receipts
  • Mortgage statement, rental property contract, or lease agreement
  • Current utility service (e.g., PG&E, SMUD, water, garbage, sewer) contract, statement, or
  • Payment receipt
  • Rental property payment receipt
  • Parent or guardian’s recent pay stub
  • Voter registration
  • Correspondence from a government agency (e.g., documentation from the Department of
  • Human Assistance, court, documents, motor vehicle registration, driver’s license).
Questions about enrollment?
Please Contact Data Processor - Cecilia Hendon
If you are interested in enrolling at Las Flores High School Independent Study Program for grades 9-12, please sign up for our next Orientation.  Orientations are typically every Tuesday at 2:00 PM in Room 10, but please call to schedule in advance as meeting time/location may vary.  The purpose is to provide specifics about the program and to determine if Independent Study (ISP) is the best fit for the student's educational goals.  Both the student and a parent/guardian are required to attend this meeting that takes approximately 1 hour -- parents only need to attend the first part which is strictly informational (30 minutes), then parents are excused while students take an assessment test (30-45 mins).  Upon completion, students will turn in their test to get scored immediately.  If the student demonstrates reading comprehension and writing competency at the 8th grade level or higher, they will receive an enrollment folder (other options will be discussed if the student did not pass the test). 

Please withdraw the student from their current school (request transcript and work in progress grades if you haven't already) and you can make an appointment with the counselor to complete the enrollment process and the student may start as soon as the next day if everything is completed.  Please fill out the paperwork and submit all the required documents for approval to the Data Processor in the front office before meeting with our counselor.  The counselor will assign the student's teacher, ISP appointment date/time, and graduation plan.  The student will take an ID photo in the Library to receive a Las Flores ID card.
Students interested in returning to Las Flores, who were in good standing when they previously attended, will NOT need to sign up for another Orientation.  Please contact our counselor or administrator as re-enrollment must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. 

A new registration packet will need to be filled out, but the other required documents needed to enroll may vary.  The student's cumulative file may still be on site or forwarded to the next school of enrollment, so we may ask for more or less depending on how much time has passed, where the records have been transferred to, and what we have kept on file here.  The student should provide a transcript from any school attended after Las Flores -- please include any passing grades/credits currently in progress as we can accept and issue partial credits.  If the school requires a formal request, please let our Registrar know as soon as possible.  Once all student records have been received, the Registrar will update the student's transcript and the Counselor will adjust the student's graduation plan.