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NEW families will need the following paperwork in order to register: 
1.  K-8 students who reside in EGUSD need an Intra-District Transfer form SIGNED BY THE PRINCIPAL OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOL.
2.   K-8 students who live outside EGUSD need an INTER-DISTRICT TRANSFER SIGNED BY YOUR SCHOOL DISTRICT.  Families will need to fill out an EGUSD enrollment packet including immunization records, proof of address documents and prior school transcripts/report cards.  
RETURNING families need to complete: 
1. Master Agreement each school year.
2. If your address has changed since last year, you must provide . 
3. Updated immunization records from your doctor if the student shot records were updated. T-dap IS REQUIRED FOR ALL 7th AND 8TH graders! 
4. Grades K - 8 students living outside of the Elk Grove Unified School (EGUSD) boundaries MUST get a new Inter-District transfer form approved by their home district each year.
Proof of Address documents required for registration:

Must produce ONE of the following for enrollment:
  • Property tax receipts for the current residence
  • Mortgage statements in parent/guardian name. If the home is under construction a title/deed or signed sales or purchase agreement in parent/guardian’s name will be accepted. A current PG&E, SMUD bill that indicates location of service, or a mortgage payment must be presented to the school within six months
  • Rental/Lease agreement – current or recently signed in parent/guardian name. Additionally, two consecutive months of a current PG&E or SMUD bill in the parent/guardian name must be presented to the school within two months
Must also produce ONE of the following for enrollment:
  • Parent/guardian’s motor vehicle registration with current residence
  • Parent/guardian’s driver’s license with current residence
  • Court documents indicating current residence
  • Payment verification (paid invoice, credit card receipt, cashed check) for 2 consecutive months of of the following utilities: gas, electricity, water, or garbage for the current residence must be presented within 2 months of enrollment
  • Rent payment receipts for consecutive months for the current residence must be presented within 2 months of enrollment
  • Documentation from the Department of Human Assistance with current residence
Questions regarding enrollment/registration documents?  
Please Contact Data Processor at (916) 399-9809