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Our History

Las Flores High School was established in 1976 as an alternative school serving a diverse population of students through the independent study instructional model. Originally known simply as “Elk Grove ISP” (Independent Study Program) and originally operating out of one room at an existing school with a part time administrator, a clerical assistant and one teacher, the name “Las Flores High School” was adopted in 1988. The school is located at 5900 Bamford Dr. in Sacramento and is part of the Elk Grove Unified School District.
For over 40 years, the independent study program has provided the opportunity to thousands of students to earn a high school diploma in an alternate setting to the district’s traditional comprehensive high school programs. The purpose of independent study has always been to provide an alternative path to graduation via independent study. A mixed population of students is served who opt to enroll for a variety of reasons: credit recovery, early graduation, or personal/social/health situations that prevent them from successfully completing the graduation requirements at a comprehensive high school.
We are a unique site serving students in grades K – 12. The K – 8 “Home Study” program allows parents the opportunity to teach their children at home under the direction of a certificated EGUSD employee. High school students participate in an independent study program with on campus support classes and labs in specific subjects. High school students are encouraged to enroll in Career Technical Education (CTE) classes to prepare for college and careers. All aspects of the school contribute to providing students with the skills necessary to be successful independent learners.