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Our History

Las Flores High School was established in 1976 as an alternative school serving a diverse population of students through the independent study instructional model. Originally it was known simply as “Elk Grove ISP” and operated out of one room at an existing school with a part time administrator, a clerical assistant, and one teacher. The name “Las Flores High School” was adopted in 1988 and we have grown ever since. Our school is located at 5900 Bamford Drive in Sacramento and is part of the Elk Grove Unified School District.
For over 40 years, our independent study program has provided an alternative path to graduation for thousands of students via independent study. At Las Flores, a mixed population of students is served who opt to enroll for a variety of reasons including personal, social, health situations that prevent them from successfully completing the graduation requirements at a comprehensive high school and includes performers and athletes who need the flexibility to learn independently.
We are a unique site serving students in grades K – 12. We offer an individualized, virtual learning program designed to work in partnership with parents/guardians. Students log into an online learning platform where the parent/guardian is the learning coach (teacher) for about 4 hours every day. Las Flores students are also assigned a teacher of record to meet with every day in a whole group virtual meeting (K-8), or once a week in a one-on-one virtual meeting (9-12), for about 30 minutes. This teacher is responsible for providing feedback on the assignments that get submitted. At the 9-12 level, all tests are proctored (in person or virually with the camera on) by the teacher of record as well. Students are expected to work a minimum of 20 hours a week outside of the one-on-one or group meetings to make adequate progress. Tutoring is available in person or virtually as well.
In addition to our academics, we have meet-ups/field trips once a month as a school. We also have family activity nights and weekly in-person PE activities available. All aspects of the school contribute to providing students with the skills necessary to be successful independent learners.