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Welcome to Las Flores High School! Our Independent Study Program (ISP) for 9-12th graders utilizes one-on-one instruction that allows the flexibility to tailor each student’s educational plan to accommodate individual learning styles and talents. Las Flores is one of EGUSD's alternative sites that serves students that may be credit deficient, or students seeking a non-traditional schedule because of work to help support their family or student athletes or entertainers that need to travel often, or students with mental health issues that are triggered on a larger campus with a bigger student population. Students come to Las Flores for many different reasons, but our students have one very important thing in common. Upon enrollment, students agree to follow what they call the 3 R's -- Las Flores Falcons are Respectful, Responsible, and Resilient.    

Students meet with their assigned ISP teacher weekly, for their scheduled appointment that lasts about 45 mins to an hour. Students may need to or want to enroll in a class/lab that requires attendance on campus multiple days a week. Students also have the opportunity to study and do homework on campus and are invited to participate in school activities with their peers. 
Please call 422-5604 to learn more about the program and/or to sign up for testing & orientation to enroll.